enchanted kingdom

Posted on August 20, 2011


i was awakened by a call from a friend.  we used to live in the same apartment until she decided to work in middle east and eventually settled down with an arab 3 years her junior. she is now in the country for a month long vacation.

since she has her baby with her, we decided to hit the theme park. enchanted kingdom it is.

last time i was there was 5 years ago, so i was excited.

we had fun in the rides. my favorite is still jungle log jam.

last ride we took was river grande, and while we were at it, the rain poured hard. we were soaking wet. good thing i brought a spare shirt. the problem though was everything was wet… my shoes, socks, pants even my freakin undies. and we had no car, we took the bus going there. so we had to commute again going back to manila wet. it was fun though.

i almost spaced out while in transit. it was cold as it is(airconditioned bus), more so it was raining pretty much the whole day. worst is were wet.

*going to Enchanted – take a bus in taft near buendia, Jam liner going to Balibago. fare is 60pesos. tell the driver to drop you in Walter Mart in Santa Rosa. take a tricycle going to Enchanted. 10pesos per person. there are several buses that passes that route(BBL) and vans(park square in Makati & araneta center Cubao)

*rates in Enchanted Kingdom is 400/adult on weekdays, 500 on weekends.

*some of the rides though are not included in the daypass. you have to pay extra for ekstreme tower, zorb etc.

*there are shows in the promenade late in the afternoon.

*for more information on Enchanted Kingdom check http://new.enchantedkingdom.ph/index.html

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