Eiga Sai

Posted on August 21, 2011


turning japanese.

i missed the japanese film festival last july held at shangri-la mall. i was not in manila that time. so when i learned that their showing some of the films in UP, it was a sure date.

i am big fan of foreign films whether it be asian, european etc. and one of my all-time-favorite films is Homerun, a singaporean indie film.

so i frequent film festivals and quiapo. surprisingly during the hey days of quiapo’s muslim community, you can see hard-to-find award-winning foreign films from different countries( sa kamalasan sarado na area ngayon, bawal na ang pirated dvds… pinulbos na yta lahat ni ronnie rickets yon mga nagtitinda).

and the best thing about film festivals is the free admission( mabuhay ang mga hampaslupa. lol.) but surely that brings some hang-ups as well like the last french film fest in shangri-la, i attempted to catch the french film, filmed in cebu, twice but failed to get-in the theater each time. jampacked. bonus pa may libreng yakisoba, sponsor yata nissin.

we were able to watch two films. i made sure i catch the “the chef of south polar”. we were there at least an hour before the screening. and oh my, by all odds it did not disappoint. the other film was “the summit: a chronicle of stones”. you gotta admire japanese film making. both films were great. the first one was low-key and subtle while the second was grand and dramatic. quite opposites but surely both are really good.

left the theater all joyed and satisfied. downed some san miguel in cubao x after, then headed home.