Posted on September 17, 2011


ok. its not really a love letter. heck, its not even about love. its just a letter.
but when i saw the letter head, good god, that was love. my heart skipped a beat. hearts popped in my eyes.

i am elated to know that i was qualified and, actually, got accepted by this company. seriously, i can not even persuade myself that im five-star-hotel-kitchen worthy, and i say that with no humilty. its just the bitter truth, as of now. haha… but i guess what i lack in cookin, my sweet talkin makes up for it… bola baby =)

just when i continued to hit rock bottom, finally a ray of light looms in the horizon.

but this doesnt mean that its already “in the bag”. truth is, from my past experiences, you can not really be sure not until youre actually “there”. i say its not about pessimism, its more on being careful and realistic.

the medical exams is yet to be aced. its funny but this part is always the least i am excited about. haha (ok, i should not even attempt to explain that further in details =). every time i am about to take a medical exam, i get sleepless nights ahead. i always fell in the trap of drinking loads of milk, eating lots of fruits the prior to that fateful day thinking that it can hide all the unhealthy foods, alcohol-binge and all those other “unhealthy activities” which, pretty much, consist my lifestyle.

its nerve-racking, its stupid i know.i mean its not like i used something illegal recently. i am just scared something might come out unwanted in the results. they will let me know about the results next week. *fingers crossed

this is a pleasant surprise i welcome much. last month was just crazy… well, up to now really. for now, i just hope more love, like this, comes my way.

this is a baby step on my life’s ultimate agenda: to travel the world by cooking one dish at a time
*worlds beaches awaits for me

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