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first plan: thailand-malaysia-singapore by train
then: thailand-laos-cambodia-vietnam
then: malaysia-thailand-cambodia-vietnam
then: malaysia-thailand-cambodia-thailand
then: malaysia-thailand-laos-cambodia-thailand
choosin and shufflin all in last week

now: 2 days before the trip: malaysia-thailand…gave up on planning already…


original plan
the original plan was to spend two-years in Doha, thats according to my job contract. then things started to roll out differently. i am on my third month now.

it has been a very wild-rollercoaster ride.

a good mix of hi-highs and lowlights.
i used to feel theres more blights, lowlights.
and then, i thought its a good mix of both.
now, in my clear mind, its all highs. and thats no longer an assumption. its an understanding.
i actually had a very good run(*have, im still here til tuesday, though it has been decided that its only until tuesday. well my exit visa says until wed. but i have a ticket already for tuesday. end of the story)

so i am leaving on tuesday. two more full days from now. and yes, i cant help but feel poignant. i guess thats the natural thing to sense/discern for a human being. glad that makes me a human.
 now back to the game
so now that i was able to let go of the emotional side of matters, good god those thought did sadden me for a good 30mins, let me continue with the gameplan. the exciting part that is.

i have always been fascinated with southeast asia. diverse. tropical. fun.

this trip is actually the reason why i headed here to work, just so i could come up with a decent travel budget for this trip. and this was supposed to happen not until after two years. after my job contract have lapsed.

but things went by swiflty, with its fateful twists and turns.

so the grand getaway came a little too soon. i failed to turn-up with an ideal budget and lack ideal time frame. but, heck, whatever deficit i now face… adrenalin and positivity makes-up for it.

i guess, just like in sports and life… and love… and poker
-sometimes its not what you have that matters, its what you do with it.


**malaysia is fixed and thailand. entry and exit for this trip. tickets on hand.
meeting jm in KL. will crash to her hotel. a free ride-a good start for the trip.
then to penang with sree, an indian friend(met through jm).my host in penang-another free ride.
from then on-its all on me…
perfect way to jumpstart this backpacking trip =)




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