Posted on February 7, 2012


a visit to the chocolate house with the chocolatier.
when i learned that my chocolate chef  Jan Marie of Shangri-la Mactan was in town, i knew i had to meet her.

women who have strong personality and wear skirts always have had a strong appeal to me( the stronger the personality, the shorter the skirt; the better! haha)

i used to work with her during my shangri-la days. she is the chocolatier of the hotel and the resident bitch for my fellow trainees, and shes the one who told me that =).

i was able to go out with her a couple of times back when i was still living in Cebu. well, not really on a romantic date, more on like those after work lets-drop-by-the-bar before heading home type of date( but in my definition, that is a date, i mean thats how romantic, romantic can get for me. ako ay torpe. haha)
*sa akin lang may malisya! haha

honestly, for me, she is a little cant-be-reach type of girl. she was the rich girl and i was the poor lad.  she drived a fancy pj while i commuted in jeepneys. she lived in a house thats big enough for 20people, i lived in a small room and worst was i still had to share it with a fat one. she wears a Batali clog, while i wore a crocs rip-off from divisoria( haha). LOL.

enough for excuses. =)

so we met up last week. she was in Manila for a 3-day training from a swiss chocolatier in Makati. we went to Sinfully, a chocolate boutique of Shangri-la in Greenbelt 5. its appealed more like a jewelry store than a chocolate shop, as pralines were displayed in glass counters, all fancy and dolled-up. all lit with fancy lighting.  and they have fancy boxes that matched their fancy sweets. surprisingly, the items were not as pricey as they seemed to be. around 60pesos a piece. not bad for an amaretto and coffee kiss-shaped praline eh?

while she chatted with the chef over the pralines, i let myself wander around, take photos and drool until my mouth dried up.

i am not a big fan of chocolates though. i prefer the white ones and she said those are not real chocolates.

my knowledge of chocolates is limited to choknut and flat tops.

we went to Soms thai house after sinfully, that used-to-be thai-karinderya outside of Rockwell. late lunch over thai curry and pak boong( i like cheap-eats because i like to eat and i only eat cheap.)  then off to powerplant.

and boy i felt like a grade 3 with his crush when we were sitted in her car. dang! sa akin lang may malisya, sa kanya wala ! lol..haha

*these are going to be perfect for the season
*btw she has a british boyfriend who lives in New York. end of it

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