a weekend of everything that flies… my ass

Posted on February 17, 2012


i had my fair share of flying yesterday. when i slipped and my ass went flying in midair before it took its fateful fall.

i came from a tennis game, my left hand held a tennis bag while my right a big umbrella. it was drizzling so the tiled floors outside a bank was exceptionally slippery. the floor has wet shiny tiles to a point it looked glassy. and from the looks of it, it was an accident waiting to happen.

so i was sashaying in tip-toe care. but half way when i was about to take the steps my right foot slipped( looked like i was kicking something in the air). then i tried to hold my balance through my left foot but it slipped again just like the right. so that time, both feet was in mid air( everything was in a blurry slowmotion.haha) including the umbrella and bag. then i left out a scream. aaaaaahh. just enough to call out attention( really now, stupid haha). then the most awaited part. a loud thump… like a thunder hit the ground…yes that was my ass.

it was so loud and hard i really think a body part was left on the floor.

some people were about to approached me when i stood up. brushed off my shirt, picked up my stuff, then a cute smile like it didnt hurt at all. thats uber cool of me eh? of course when i was inside the jeep, only then did i check and touch my ass if is still intact or something.

i think i crashed a bone and my ego, oh well.

back to the weekend of everything  that flies…hmmm… it was boring haha.