on sedated dreams…

Posted on June 13, 2012


the rain surged and poured over the startled early morning runners in BGC(Bonifacio Global City) that 5:30am. the dark clouds that subtly hung earlier apparently gave up its grip and swiftly swooshed down all its worth to the ground.

it sent the maddening crowd bustle for shade, home-bound nocturnal office workers and early-bird joggers alike.
it was abrupt, and cold, and heavy.

it is the rain that i was talking about, right? or is it?

truth is, the rain did gush to the ground, and also a mass of cold air pierced straight right through me.

outbursts of emotions, out-of-nowhere, spilled down like the rain.

with every raindrop, it drowned my heart into this flood of bitterly cold sadness.

it was a melancholia of some sort.
something i have not experienced for a very long time.

*cant go into details, just not yet

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