Posted on July 24, 2012


as if one is not enough. i am adding one more blog. dedicated for this new found meme.
now, i should have two barely updated blogs =)
*actually the very reason why i hardly updated this blog. been a bit busy =)




when is it too late to be who we wanted us to be? or when is it too late to be who we could have or might have been? or is there such thing as late, at all?
or i maybe wrong with those statements all along.

a friend once said “my only deadline, is when im dead”. (*charles b)

photography has always been a fascination. i remember the shutter bug bit me early and hard.

i first held an slr way back in high school. i was a junior and it was a screening for a photojournalist position of our school paper. i landed the sports editor post instead- the advisers told me i am better suited for that post since i was an athlete. i only realized a few years later how my photos suck during the photoshoot; and that was their polite way of putting it.

akalain mo ako lang yata yon kumuha ng nakatuwad( yes, umAAngle na ako nun), tumambling pa nga yta ako… tas ending blurred yon mga kuha pagkadevelop nun negatives( yes, it is, kabayong buntis, di pa naimbento ang D sa DSLR nun.)

i was first a backpacker- and i think its what triggered me to take photos, of fascinating places and charming people i meet on the road- some sort of a keepsake.

and this i think comprises my life- people, places and experiences.

flashbacks of my first backpacking experience, some 4 years ago, is still lucid today. thanks for the digital camera canon ixus borrowed from a friend for that 21-day visayan trip. the stories are neatly translated on those photos.

last year, i bought my own first real camera( i guess my psp’s plug&play 1.3mp CHOTTO shot camera wouldnt count, or should it hehe) . its an entry-level Canon 1100D, red.

it was well used and abused on my 4-month arabian nights and mini southeast asian backpacking  trip.

as blasted on my facebook status update days ago: Cooking(*profession) is my wife and this, photography, is one hell of a mistress.

and just like any “mistress” stories- this came up as an accident, an unwelcome guest, a thief in the night, but, nonetheless, i entertained( sorry, marupok ako).

and this is the birth and blurry beginnings of The Reluctant Photographer. and here, snaps of this bugaboo’s booty calls with the mistress will be blasted.

**profession-though i am still on the early stage of it- 2-months ojt in Boracays Nami; worked 2 months in Cebu’s The Gustavian- then another 6 months apprenticeship in Mactans Shangri-la(since it is the best way to get a work in shang) only to be disrupted by a failed attempt on the-great-american-dream later that year. which led me to the sandpits of Doha. and now, back to the garbage pits of Manila. where me and my “mistress” met.

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