better than BIRTHDAY.SEX

Posted on August 19, 2012


but thats just me.
normally, i do not get wrong. just not with sex. lol

its the fateful day i fell off from a cliff (and i even paid for it.)
well, technically, i did not fall. i jumped.

its a sunny day on the beach. not just any other ordinary sunny day, it was my-birthday-sunny-day. what the difference you ask? none.

before we hit the beach; we, Ruth & Pam & me, went to the convenient store in Crown Regency where they sell imported, misspelled products. they have colonges, shempoos and after-sun lotins. btw, they are “imported” “american” products. but that’s just their claim, you know.

then, we left the convenient store with misspelled products with lotions and water containers. i mean, yes, we knew those were fakes(after-sun 490ml gel for less than 100pesos)  and that it can damage our already damaged skins but… uhmmm… its cheap, its hard to resist, right? ok, wrong. yeah, were just cheap like that. lol.

we, then, went to Boracay Beach Club  to register for the trip to Ariel’s Point-located in the main Island of Aklan, Buruanga. 1,300pesos. everything was included like boat to/from Ariel’s Point, barbecue buffet, fruits, beers, beers and more beers.

we cruised the Sulu sea  before lunch via the two-floored boat. it is a party boat. ze party boat. they served beers and rhum-cokes for welcome drinks. and its UNLIMITED. party eh.

it was a quick 45mins cruise to Ariels Point. it is a rocky cliff on the western tip of Panay island. the sail was scenic and the destination was equally postcard-worthy.

well, as soon as we arrived, upon seeing the planks of wood branching out from the rocks some forty feet high above the sea, i instantly realized why they served alcohol- unlimited- in the boat. i mean, no sober normal person would jump off from those planks on those rugged cliffs. moreover, beside those planks, theres a note that goes like “jump at your own risk.” i mean, seriously.

unless you are suicidal, of course.

after 30 mins and 3 bottles of Red Horse beer, fast? yeah, i was damn tensed. i found myself on the edge of one of the platforms standing and, yeah, praying. after hearing wordsshouts of uhm.. encouragement like “damn it, jump, were hungry and lunch is waiting” and “cmon do it motherfukcer” i succumbed to peer pressure( damn it, they are not my peers) and jumped.

well, truth is, it seemed more like a fall rather than jump.

it was high. so high i screamed twice and found myself, still, in mid air. lol. i had “flashback” of my life; it reach the last scenes and ended with a black screen with zzzzz sound..and still i havent touched the waters. haha.

then i hit the waters, more on like banged into.

splash. impact. strong. solid impact.

my body, particularly, my chest and arms turned from brown to red. deep red. it felt like i was slapped by gigantic female kontrabida hands. haaanghaaapdi.

but, it was so much fun.

i jumped two more times.

i am a big barbecue fan, and there was a barbecue buffet. i mean, i can eat barbecue for breakfast, lunch and dinner. but that day, i dont remember the barbecue, not a bite.

it is one of the happiest birthday experience i ever had.

it was a blast.

seriously. literally.

better than sex,
(or could it be because i never had sex for a long time i have forgotten how it feels?)