life on the slow lane

Posted on November 26, 2012


now, it feels like im stuck again.
uninspired to dream. unmotivated to move. sadly still.

i am no new to this state. as i had tripped and curled up down there more than several times.
did i learn? a few, i guess.
did i change my ways? some, i hope.
did i better myself? im still here… so perhaps, not really.

its has been crazy lately for a while now. as usual, lots of things are happening. but nothing significantly good.

a recap of my craps.

-i got back in the metro 2 days ago after a roadtrip in Pangasinan and Quezon. a handful of new beaches and friends encountered.

-prior to that, i had my first roadtrip with the family; Undas holiday. cruised around Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, N. Ecija, Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur & Norte and Cagayan.

-that wedding studio is still my lone money-making trick. and its barely enough to sustain any poor man’s bisyo.

-just fell into my two-wheeled love affair. thought of early morning offroad bike is enough to wake me up for every 5am’s.

-barely tried to write about anything for the last month.

-havent accomplished anything worth bragging about for the last couple of months. ah, yeah, except dun sa news sa fb kahapon.

unfortunately, its being overshadowed by the no-accomplishment thingie.tsk

**pictures look all to happy for this post.anyway, il go back to writing my adventures stuff/kalokohan.