Posted on July 11, 2013




it was said that the first step to move forward is acceptance.

i had been playing/running around my dreams for a long time.

i do not intend to sound regretful because i am not. the peachy upshots are something i relish in sheer delight.

while the misadventures that caused me troubles  are nothing but experiences that pained me but taught me, and apparently, brought me here. now, they are mere stories which are fun to recount and a joy to share.

i am now at peace with my past failures and find no need to worry for future ones. worrying won’t stop them from happening,  it will just rob me from enjoying the good.

with God’s grace i am, now, all set and dead focus to get going. finally no more sitting by the sidelines, it is time chase the dreams and just grab life by the horns.

now, my dark room is the world. and it is no longer dark.




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