it’s a date!

Posted on May 21, 2014




last weekend i went on a date. it was SUPER.

and since i had been out of the dating scene, since forever, i was elated when i got the invite.

yes, i did not invite myself as i was actually invited.

and not just any ordinary date. it was a group date. it was a blind date it was an out-of-town date. hmmm. it was an out-of-town group blind date.

ok. it was a date.

i was almost late.

ok, i was late. umm. but not really.

i had to rush to the first gas station in express way to catch the van since it had left the terminal in Pasay when, at that time, i was still in the cab careening our way through EDSA’s friday traffic jam.

well, i arrived in the gas station a few minutes before the van passed by. i got there first so that makes me, not late i guess. lol.

the date was in Bicol. the main mode of transportation to this land of Pili and Pinangat is by bus. unfortunately, that night, buses were fully booked. i did not know half of Manila now goes to Bicol for dates.

but i am not the type who gives up easily, well, not on dates. good thing the other 6 invited “daters”  weren’t the quitter-types as well. and that they are also nice. they took the Bicol-bound van and were kind enough to fought over on reserving a seat for me. and they didn’t know me then yet. i guess people who date are nice people.

the van stopped in the gas station. i hopped in. vans are the new mrt’s. we were full to the brim- all 99 of us, a couple of luggages, and a barn. well, theres a chicken inside the van. which i assumed was bound to Bicol for a date as well.

i was seated plastered corner on the last row. just like in mrts, once the door closed, theres no moving. even if you want to, you just can’t. it was cramped up.

but i guess the promise of a weekend date was just too enticing to forego all the blunders. what romantics.

it was a long 9-hour ride. i slept most through it.

apparently, the chicken was the most excited. it crowed to wake everyone up early that morning. it was a big day… errr. big date.

it was time to meet her.

it was time for the date.


i was one lucky bastard guy, i must say. she got everything planned out. and she knew how to charm me.

we went for a stroll on the beach. romantic eh!?

it was a lovely summer on the beach that day. sun was out, beach was clean, air was fresh and the view of the pacific was relaxing.


she is simple,

easy to get along with,



and just full-on charming.

that day we went to the best museum on this side of the Philippines, hangout in the best milk tea place, stayed at the best resort, surfed at the best beach, snacked at the best healthy food place, pigged out at the best diner, tasted the sweetest pineapple, sang our heart out at the house of the best mayor… again, on this side of the Philippines.

and these happened all only on the first day.

best date? wait until i tell you more… (wala pa diyan yon first night!@) lol

i will go more on the specifics on the next post as this had gotten longer than i ought to… again.
*late post. i will always be a trying-hard responsible blogger. never a blogger. never responsible. demmit.
*this event was organized by Ms Apple Allison of for Daet Tourism.
DATE IN DAET (#DiD2014) is tourism advocacy campaign organized by Apple Allison of in partnership with, supported by and co-presented by the Local Government Unit of Daet
headed by Mayor Tito S. Sarion under the Daet on the DOT Program.

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