Life or something like it

Posted on July 27, 2015




It’s been a while. Almost a lifetime! haha.

Tons of things came and changed my life in the last year, for the better.

It’s exciting- life these days. Except the other day, it was… more exciting… than the other days.
And as i went out of the car the other night… on that rainy Sunday evening on Edsa( Highway54), I saw my life just one foot away from its brink. An army truck hit the trunk of the car. My sister was driving, dad was on the passenger side, me, mom, an uncle and cousin at the back seat. My sister own a hatchback so there was barely little that distanced us from the bumper of the truck.

Last night- after everyone left for home in the province- as i lay on bed after all the madness. Silence and reality sneaked its way in. I knew i was supposed to be happy that the incident left everyone unharmed. But, last night, it felt heavy. Life felt real.

Honestly, it would have been ok if i was not with my family. I have no trouble with death. My friends know that. Not that i feel accomplished because i have everything, but, because i lived my life fully. I did the things i wanted, ate food i wanted, saw places i wanted.

I experienced the life i wanted. But trust me, i don’t really know much about life, so that was not so hard to achieved. But, hey, it worked for me just fine. It was a conscious choice, really.

I have been so busy these days. I admit some things changed a bit. I am still free spirited, adventure junky, spontaneous but with a little restraint now. Like, for once, i am scared to get sick.. mostly because i don’t want to miss out anything in my life these days. Though much of it is work. Yeah. Work. Really. Work. I don’t know how that came about but that’s how i feel.

I came home last week from my first international assignment. I am a photographer now. I guess. I think. Yeah. I am. I think.
Oh well, that event the other night was quite a distraction. Weird but i feel happy experiencing it. lol. really.
Thoughts are still jumbled. Oh, life. And India. Oh, yeah, India. A new life started after that trip =)

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