im ayan

first work involved blabbering(8hrs nonstop, and on dead hours of the night at that) and sleeping during daytime. thus, daysleeper. though, REM’s track daysleeper also counts as one of his favorites.

the beach is his home. spending lazy afternoons on a hammock with a good book on his right hand and an ice-cold beer on the other is his definition of relaxation.

he loves to eat and cook. he can eat barbecue for breakfast,lunch and dinner and has a penchant for dishes that involves deep frying.

he loves to travel and he likes to take off-the-beaten-path. he lives for adventure and his limitations, none. no WALLS but the WIND, no ROOF but the SKY as he puts it. he has urges every so often to try new things, anything under the sun whether it be to climb a mountain or to jump from a waterfall or to eat innards. he has penchant for long bus rides and loves to eat goto on each and every fateful bus stop. he likes to take photographs and believes(no need of approval of others) that he is damn good at it-*update: not anymore. he grew up crowded with barkadas but lately  found his self enjoying backpacking by his lonesome and writes about his musings. he takes the tennis court as a playground and  kitchen as his battlefield.

he is unapologetically filipino. he doesnt write as well as he wants to. he can not english well. lol.

he is perceived as hard-headed and self-centered(and i must say there really is some grain of truth in that… ok, a sack of grain). i say, i just follow my heart. i like to do things my way.

its my way or the highway as the bizkits put it.

you’l know more of him here.

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  1. casey walker

    November 16, 2011


    I am contacting you because I have been looking at your website and would be really interested in finding out about advertising – particularly a guest post?

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    Many thanks,

    Casey Walker

  2. I can never truly express how deeply you inspire me now after seeing those pictures you take.. keep it up.. 😀 more post and pictures please..

  3. Hello. i am also would like to know more about guest posting. PLease contact me back!!


  4. Nicolai

    January 3, 2013

    Hi. My name is NIcolai. I saw your blog – pinoydaysleeper.com, and loved it. I wanna ask – can i propose a travel article for your blog. It is about traveling, hotels, resorts, skiing and contain some links. I would also like to propose financial bonus for publishing it. Please contact me back so we can talk more about it.
    Thank You.


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