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four seasons

January 13, 2012


it was nice working with you... i know, even before i left, somehow a hint of regret will well in me in time. after all, you did fulfill a dream of mine that is to work in an luxury 5-star hotel. its a good boost to my doubted skills. =)

Its more fun in the Philippines

January 8, 2012


the Department of Tourism campaign "Its more fun in the Philippines" is such a hit. lets discount all the negativities thrown by filipino haters in the spirit of the new year, shall we? =)

ONE fukcin rocking year of trains and airplanes

January 2, 2012


now, looking back, though i have the faintest idea on how did it all happen, i am ecstatic... and this ass did have a fukcin rockin year... dreams realized, places seen, people met... thank you


December 1, 2011


i am up for something high and big. im gonna reap hard the fukcin fruits of this fuckin labor.. hard labor. am about to end it with a bang...


November 24, 2011


souq waqif on a monday

November 18, 2011


i love sunsets. more than sunrises. though i love it too.

November 17, 2011


souq waqif. couple of days ago. very nice place to hangout.

November 15, 2011


its a big, cold world out there... and this is my world, for now...


June 2, 2011


yesterday morning i received a text message from a friend asking me to go with them to enchanted kingdom. jump into the shower even before i regained complete consciousness from my deep sleep.


April 14, 2011


its another slow day today. second day in a row to have no errands or appointments.