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ONE fukcin rocking year of trains and airplanes

January 2, 2012


now, looking back, though i have the faintest idea on how did it all happen, i am ecstatic... and this ass did have a fukcin rockin year... dreams realized, places seen, people met... thank you


December 22, 2011


home doesnt feel home anymore… i just came home this morning after 3months… two months of which were spent working my ass off in some 5star hotel in Qatar and just this month i started my own backpacking trip… well, its not as grand as i wanted it to be. but its a good start. […]


December 4, 2011


gameplan first plan: thailand-malaysia-singapore by train then: thailand-laos-cambodia-vietnam then: malaysia-thailand-cambodia-vietnam

coming to terms

November 29, 2011


at 3am, still reading notes about some other place.

first rain

November 11, 2011


ifirst rain in Doha for this year. and the year is almost over. oh well and its my fukcing day off. things are better now. at least i know where i stand now. and its not a very good place to stand at. i guess i just need to do what i do best.  live […]


October 30, 2011


yesterday a kid asked me on how to put “fire” element in photoshop, i said i dont know. the one i used in my picture is a real fire coming from a lighter.  today, i received a text from my mom… them being in the river, together with the kids mom, waiting for search updates. […]


September 17, 2011


ok. its not really a love letter. heck, its not even about love. its just a letter. but when i saw the letter head, good god, that was love. my heart skipped a beat. hearts popped in my eyes.

no more excuses

May 22, 2011


its a principle i forcedly apply to myself but not fully. its a work in progress. its not easy, lethargy and procrastination are difficult enemies. but i have improved on this one, greatly. i used to come up with excuses for my bad behaviors and failures in the past and it is something i hate so much. […]

the boston drama

May 18, 2011


> the boston drama- closed chapter- onto the next one. most of my days for the last couple of months have been used up to closing in to that boston dream. a dream i never knew was mine until my life started revolving around it. the cook-off, interviews, skype interviews, job offer, gathering all the […]

learning to fly

April 15, 2011


i struggled for the longest time on how i can take charge of my life and move forward. cos i got stuck in a haywire for real long time. i tried to walk away but i fell, over and over again, so many times i lost count on them. but after what seemed like an […]