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>sunday gloomy sunday

February 7, 2011


> isa sa mga araw na walang kwenta… lumipas ng walang nangyayari…

>turning into a new leaf

February 2, 2011


> ***as much as i really wanted to keep this site updated with my musings and whatnot.. i just cant find time(excuse)/interest to write about them. im an expert in procrastination, it comes out naturally, damn. patong patong na yon mga, stories etc.. walang nappost..hehe. so to compensate for that am gonna post new […]

>sleepless night

January 7, 2011


>i lied in bed for an hour. i thought i was sleepy but i just cant hit it off. i tried to relax myself, closed eyes, thought of nothing,even spanked the monkey but all failed. it could be because of the coffee i had after dinner or sheer anxiety for my trip this noon. we […]


December 31, 2010


> some orange streaks oddly emblazoned in the gray-cloud-adorned,pale blue sky. it comes like a painting framed by my window pane. delicate, gentle, coupled with just the right amount of gloom. while a gush of cold christmas breeze afloats steadily in the air keeping the mercury in the scale at 20. an atmosphere fit for a […]

>ready. set. go

December 22, 2010


> it has to start somewhere,it has to start somehow.what better place than here,what better time than now. -RATM officially this is my first blog here, i have previous entries but those are just duplicates of my blogs in multiply. those were not written here. multiply is now more of an online shopping site than […]

>dodong travels

December 17, 2010


> dodong have always been a fan of travel shows. think thats the reason why he watched discovery channel back in high school. thats how it all started. how he got engrossed to travelling to different places, experiencing different cultures and meeting different people.  lately dodong have been reading travel blogs and only then did […]

>no message

July 20, 2010


>phone check… no message 10mins. phone check… no message 10mins. email check… inbox… no activity scan sun phone book… failed to find someone whom i thought would want to talk to. googled how to get unlimited with globe for a day.just when i found it and after browsing my globe contacts, its the same shit […]